Our resources enable everyone to succeed with math.  Used by over 6000 schools in Great Britain.  Ask to see our books or take a free trial of our online program.

Numbercoach Online Math

Clear & simple to use

Our books record all learning and progress. They enable everyone to be a math coach.  Give your students a solid foundation to build on.

Numbercoach Online Math

Here’s why our system works …

Our coaching method means that students have a solid foundation, we make sure there are no gaps in a child’s knowledge.  Our programs ensure every student will make progress. 

Numbercoach Online Math

A step by step approach

NumberCoach is a structured system.  During our process, students gain confidence and skills.  NumberCoach books and online program work because you need to get a question right 3 consecutive times. This proven, over-learning system works!

How NumberCoach works

Our Resources

Numbercoach Online Math

Plus 1 is the introductory book which boosts learning and teaches math skills.

Numbercoach Power of 2

Power of 2 enables everyone to grasp basic math skills.

Numbercoach Math Online Learning

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Guaranteed Results

Our evidence shows that schools using Plus 1 and Power of 2 show higher levels of math attainment than those which do not, in 6 key school performance measures:

▪ percentage reaching expected standard in reading, writing, math
▪ percentage achieving high score in reading, writing, math
▪ percentage reaching expected standard in math
▪ percentage achieving high score in math
▪ average scaled score in math
▪ percentage reaching expected standard in math: Teacher Assessment

The significance is to a 99% confidence limit.

Increased percentage reaching expected standard in math

Increased average scaled score in math

Increased percentage reaching expected standard in maths: Teacher Assessment

NumberCoach books boost confidence and attainment in math

 That’s a fairly bold claim, but our repeat sales and evidence paper are testament to this.

The books work on the principle that some people need and benefit from extra support and practice.  There’s a highly structured approach, and are ideal for students who are struggling to make progress with their math as they haven’t been able to fully grasp ‘the basics’.

Students experience an immense sense of achievement when working through the books. As confidence is a major factor in teaching, and with math suffering more than most subjects in this area, the sense of real accomplishment is a crucial aspect of why the system works.

Who should use NumberCoach books?

The books and online program are designed to appeal to all age ranges and have been used from age 5, right up to adult basic skill provision. People with dyscalculia have derived learning benefits from the highly structured approach and clear explanations contained. Dyslexic students have also benefited from the clear language and format. For this reason, people who have English as an Additional Language benefit hugely from its clear structure.

“The children love using the online program.  They can see their improvement!  They use it before school and at home, and it’s great to be able to monitor their progress “

Ann Hanson – TX

“We started using the Power of 2 book with a boy who struggled in class.  He’s now become actively engaged with his math class and his progress has been awesome. “

Christine Holyoak – FL

“I’d like to confirm that this book worked very well for my sons (one of whom is dyslexic) and without it I’ve no doubt they would not be able to tell the time 12/24 hr clock, timetables etc. I am a very happy customer of a product that works.”


“Thank you so much for your fantastic Power of 2 book! My daughter (year 6) and I practiced daily for 3 months and she is finished. She has improved a lot: She is faster and much more secure in her methods. Most important of all, she feels more confident.”

“I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with your maths learning books. My son was recently given a plus 1 book from his school. He is really enjoying doing the Plus 1 book and I have just ordered the times tables book as I think it will be a good way to help him learn them.
I have even started my younger son on the Plus 1 book. Its a much more relaxed and less stressful way to help my children improve their maths skills!!”

“I was introduced to the Power of 2 book through my daughter’s teacher in Hong Kong (she is 6 years old).  We have been working through the book over the summer, and I am completely astonished at the rapid progress and number of connections she has made through this book.  She has also been using the book on Time.  I’m just about to order your Time Tables book, as well, given her success with the other two.  I’ve introduced these items to her tutor in the United States who has been utterly impressed, and plans to order some for her own classroom.”