The easiest way to boost math skills.

The perfect ‘Response to intervention’. The books plan and structure all your support.

Numbercoach Plus 1


The introductory book of the series:

Increase understanding of number concepts
Build confidence with addition and subtraction
Gain skills in basic numeracy

Numbercoach Power of 2


Covers all aspects of mental maths:

Improve mental calculation skills
Highly structured approach
Develop skills in all areas of mental maths

NumberCoach books boost confidence and attainment in math. 

That’s a fairly bold claim, but our repeat sales in Britain are testament to this. We know some people need extra support and practice and so our books are a highly structured program. The books enable everyone to be a math coach!  

Who should use NumberCoach books?

The books are ideal for anyone who benefits from repeated math practice.

The books are designed to appeal to all age ranges and have been used from age 5, right up to adult basic skill provision. People with dyscalculia, employer groups, adult education providers and the prison service have also reported benefits from the use of the books. Dyslexic students have also benefitted from the clear language used and repetition training framework. For this reason, people who have English as an Additional Language benefit hugely from its clear structure.

“The children love using the online program.  They can see their improvement!  They use it before school and at home, and it’s great to be able to monitor their progress.”

Ann Hanson – TX

“We started using the Power of 2 book with a boy who struggled in class.  He’s now become actively engaged with his math class and his progress has been awesome.”

Christine Holyoak – FL

“Thank you so much for your fantastic Power of 2 book! My daughter (year 6) and I practiced daily for 3 months and she is finished. She has improved a lot: She is faster and much more secure in her methods. Most important of all, she feels more confident.”

“I’d like to confirm that this book worked very well for my sons (one of whom is dyslexic) and without it I’ve no doubt they would not be able to tell the time 12/24 hr clock, timetables etc. I am a very happy customer of a product that works.”


“My 9 year old son who has learning difficulties has gained so much confidence from using Power of Two.”