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Take a free trial and see the benefits in just one week! is an online math learning program. It enables everyone to make progress with math.

The online program takes a step by step approach, filling the gaps in a child’s knowledge. During this process they gain confidence and knowledge, allowing them to access the topic that they had problems with.

NumberCoach works! It works because you need to get a question right 3 consecutive times. Each day you visit the site you can only answer each question once. When you get the question right on 3 consecutive visits you don’t need to do that question again.

Teachers and parents can log-on and see what questions have been answered, any mistakes that have been made and write comments to students.

Take a free trial and see the progress that your child makes. has been called “the easiest math intervention program to implement, with the best results”.

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Pricing for Parents starts at just $11.50 a month. For school subscriptions, please contact us.

“The children love using the online program.  They can see their improvement!  They use it before school and at home, and it’s great to be able to monitor their progress.”

Ann Hanson – TX

“We started using the Power of 2 book with a boy who struggled in class.  He’s now become actively engaged with his math class and his progress has been awesome.”

Christine Holyoak – FL

“Thank you so much for your fantastic Power of 2 book! My daughter (year 6) and I practiced daily for 3 months and she is finished. She has improved a lot: She is faster and much more secure in her methods. Most important of all, she feels more confident.”

“My daughter made amazing progress in maths in the last academic year and a big part of that was due to the Power of 2 which we started at home in December. The school say she would be expected to make approximately 6 points in progress in each subject per year but she made 11 in maths so nearly double. Her English showed a similar surge but hadn’t been as delayed as the maths. Although we couldn’t tell until this year it seems the learning delays have probably been caused by her physical disability and I think doing the Power of 2 has been ideal for her, not least because we could type in the answers rather than write them down. Thank you to all of you for Power of 2 it has given my daughter so much confidence in her ability to do maths.”

“I feel I must send my most grateful thanks to you and your marvellous product namely 123Maths Time. My 11 year old daughter is having to overcome many difficulties in her learning and over the years we have tried many ways to teach her the art of telling the time but to no avail until we tried your programme which with hours of determination and perseverance again I am proud to say she has succeeded. Learning was still not easy but your way struck the right chord and she now wears a watch with pride.”